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Enter your design into the

Eco-Chic Fashion Show!

We are looking for local artists, designers, and creative thinkers to submit their creations to our EcoChic Fashion Show!


Submissions must fall into one of five categories:


Upcycled Clothing

(Create a garment using repurposed and altered clothing.)


Eco-Friendly Fabrics

(Create a garment using recycled, organic, or sustainable fibers and fabrics.)


Wearable Art

(Design a piece of wearable art using found and nontraditional items.)


Exhibition Pieces

(Craft an accessory or piece of jewelry demonstrates sustainability.)


Thrift Store Style

(Style an outfit using all thrifted items.)


Download the submission form here:

Eco-Chic Fashion Show


Friday, April 11th (time TBA)


Visual Arts Center  | University of Wyoming


At the corner of Willet Drive and 22nd St.


More details coming soon!

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